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Accident Benefits Insurance Waterloo

Standard accident benefits insurance in Waterloo provides you with certain benefits if you are in a motor vehicle collision, regardless of the individual at fault. But there are many different additional benefits you can apply to yourself, your spouse, or dependents in case they are also injured in a collision. In fact, OHIP does not cover all medical and rehabilitation expenses you may need.

Worried? Don’t be! At Staebler Insurance, our knowledgeable brokers are thoroughly familiar with the latest news, changes and trends in auto insurance. It can be incredibly tricky for the layperson to navigate, so when you sit down with us, we’ll explain it in plain speak and answer any and all questions you have about accident benefits insurance.

In fact, we’re fully confident that you’ll come away from a meeting with one of our brokers feeling confident and better informed. We’ve been helping people with their insurance needs in Kitchener-Waterloo since 1873—that’s over 140 years of service to our community. How did we get here? Strong, open communication, honesty, and an emphasis on building relationships.

It’s always been our goal to ensure we are an informed advocate for you. Accident benefits insurance in Waterloo doesn’t need to cause anxiety or confusion, because we’re here to make sense of it for your own peace of mind. Call us today!