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Apartment Insurance Cambridge

I still think back on my first apartment fondly. It was a shoebox with a busted oven, a dripping sink, and a distressingly corroded and flimsy railing on the balcony. I loved it. It was the first place that was ever totally and completely mine to decorate, live-in, and occasionally trash as I liked. Like all young people, I eventually grew out of it, but I still reflect on how much I enjoyed the place - and more importantly, how lucky I got. I never had apartment insurance in Cambridge, and now the thought puts a retroactive chill down my spine.

With the benefit of a few years experience and a few misfortunes under my belt, I can see how charmed I really was in those first few irresponsible years out on my own. I always just assumed that all the insurance stuff was the sort of thing was covered by the property owner. But the truth is, landlord insurance only covers repairs to the apartment building, it doesn't look out for you in the slightest. All your belongings, any kind of personal injury or harm to you or anyone visiting, all your interests, as far as the landlord insurance is concerned, you're on your own. If I had a fire or some kind of disaster that first year, it would have ruined those fond memories. Instead of thinking about all the fun I had and how much I learned, I'd be reflecting on the time I went shuffling back to my parents house, hat-in-hand and up to my eyeballs in debt.

At Staebler, we look out for YOU. We know how important your apartment and property is to you and we'll protect you where your landlord doesn't. We are proven brokers who have provided the Cambridge area with excellent, client-first service for over 140 years. We know how to make insurance work for you!

Whether you're taking your first steps of independence and living in a shoebox, or if you're staying in a luxury suite, don't leave it up to chance. Apartment insurance in Cambridge can be yours today for an affordable rate. It's as easy as giving one of our agents a call.