Apartment Insurance Fergus

I remember my wild years. Those precious few years just out of school, holding down a collection of crummy jobs while looking for something in my field, and living a care free life with my friends. We all lived in apartments befitting our lifestyles at the time – cheap, small, and occasionally worrisome. These were apartments in aging buildings located in the forgotten corners of town. It was a time for making mistakes, and one of the big ones I made was not having apartment insurance. In Fergus, or wherever, apartment insurance should be considered essential – even for 20-something stereotypes like I was.

When you're young and brazen, it's easy to feel invincible. Why worry about the little details and outside chances when you're already dealing with a lot on your plate? Besides, I thought, like so many others still do, isn't insurance the landlord's job, not mine?

Nope. Sure, the landlord or property manager will have insurance on the apartment. The apartment building that is. They're looking after their own interest, that means they are insured against things like fire and water damage impacting the building and it's ability to generate income. As for you and your collection of hand-me-down furniture, clothing, sports gear, and poorly considered electronic purchases (I invested in a flat screen, even if I had to sit in a folding chair to enjoy it), that insurance won't cover a cent of it. One fire, one leaky tub a floor above you, and everything you own could be gone.

I was lucky and emerged from those years (relatively) unscathed, but it could have gone very differently. Don't leave your fate up to chance, talk to your Stabler broker about apartment insurance in Fergus that will protect your interests and property. At Stabler, you're the priority, and we'll work to make sure you have an affordable policy that will protect you and your belongings.