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Apartment Insurance Guelph

My first apartment was, by all objective measurements, a dive. The oven never worked, the facets leaked, and the landlord diplomatically suggested I "not spend much time” out on the balcony with it’s rusty rails and worrisome cracks. Still, it was home. Looking back, I still remember the place fondly - and I think about how lucky I was. Young and inexperienced as I was, I never bought apartment insurance the entire time I was there despite all the giant red flags. In Guelph or wherever you live, tenants cannot afford to be careless about their insurance.

You might assume, like I did, that it is the landlord’s job to handle the insurance end of things on an apartment. But, that’s not exactly the case. Landlord insurance only covers damage done to the building. When it comes to you and your possessions, it provides absolutely no protection.

That means if there is a fire or disaster, none of your items are protected in anyway. You’d be out on the street with nothing to show for it. That’s a risky place to be. Apartment insurance covers your property and looks out for you while you relocate. 

At Staebler, YOU are our primary concern. We want to protect our clients and watch out for their interests so they never find themselves in suddenly dire straits. Don’t blindly assume the landlord or property owner has a policy that will protect you like I did, take matters into your own hands with apartment insurance in Guelph.