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Apartment Insurance Waterloo

Everyone is familiar with the saying "home is where the heart is.” And there are many campaigns around for keeping one’s heart healthy and doing preventative maintenance on one’s body. But what about keeping your home healthy? Apartment insurance in Waterloo is basically preventative maintenance on the home, the place you live. At Staebler Insurance, we’re also of the opinion that apartment insurance is good for the heart—because it reduces stress!

Stick with us, here. Without apartment insurance, a disaster to your building could spell disaster for your finances. Landlord insurance, regardless of the type of apartment you live in, only covers repairs to the apartment building. It doesn’t protect your best interests, your belongings, your home. Regardless of who’s at fault, a landlord’s insurance isn’t looking out for you. That’s where we come in.

All of our Staebler brokers are known for their ability to provide friendly, prompt service for our clients, and we’ve been doing this in the Waterloo Region for over 140 years. We can offer insurance packages with a mind to your budget and your needs, because we’re on your team—we want to make insurance work for you! And we’ll prove it. Here’s one handy tip, for example: If you raise your deductible, sometimes you can save as much as 25%. Want to know more? Give us a call!

At Staebler Insurance, we know just how important your home is, because it’s where your heart is too! Speak to us today about apartment insurance in Waterloo, and find the right protection for the family and living space you’ve worked so hard to build.