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Auto Insurance Cambridge

Everybody makes mistakes. We get distracted at the wrong time, spill coffee on our good slacks, or get confused at just the wrong moment. These mistakes are human, but when they happen in a car they can have serious consequences. Whether you ding up your bumper in a minor fender bender, or get injured in a serious accident, you need auto insurance in Cambridge.

Life is unpredictable, and behind the wheel it's that much worse. You never know when another driver will make a silly decision that runs you into a bad spot. When the kids in the backseat start squabbling and you take your eyes off the road for just that one-second to break it up. Or when road conditions make a simple commute you've made a hundred times before a white-knuckle obstacle course. 

Repairing the damage to your vehicle after an accident is just the beginning. At Staebler we offer coverage that can include collision, liability, medical care for both you and costs for anyone else involved in the accident, and protection against uninsured motorists.

If you drive, you need well-rounded auto insurance. In Cambridge our expert brokers can provide you with the best package to suit your lifestyle and driving habits. We've been in the business of protecting people since 1873. Make that experience work for you and protect yourself on the road!