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Bid Bond Insurance Kitchener

Are you working with a contractor or receiving bids on a contract job? At Staebler Insurance, we help clients with bid bond insurance in Kitchener. This type of insurance provides assurance for you that a bid has been submitted by a contractor in good faith—so if the contractor doesn’t enter the contract at the price they’ve bid, you can make a financial claim to reimburse your losses.

Is this kind of insurance necessary? We all want to think the best of the people we’re working with, even contractors who we’ve put our trust in, but bid bond insurance is like protection for both parties. After all, a good contractor won’t be put off by making assurances that they’ll do what they say—because they were going to do what they said in the first place!

There’s more involved here as well, which is why we have Staebler insurance brokers standing by to take your call and answer all your questions about insurance. We work to get you the best possible insurance for your needs, and we’ve been doing it for over 140 years. We provide clients with sound advice for their insurance needs, working as the personal link between you and the insurance company.

Don’t leave your project and your finances up to chance! Call and speak to a Staebler broker about bid bond insurance in Kitchener today.