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By Staebler Insurance on Jan 29, 2019

When we think about automobile crime, we tend to focus on car theft, thieves that will make off with your entire vehicle. Obviously, that is a huge concern and one you should definitely take steps to protect yourself from. But, statistically speaking, you’re more likely to be the victim of a more mundane crime – the run-of-the-mill vehicle break-in.  Every year hundreds of thousands of vehicles are broken into in Ontario. While this isn’t quite as traumatic as an...

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By Staebler Insurance on Jan 24, 2019

With a seemingly never-ending wave of high-profile attacks rocking the tech world for the past two years, none of us can afford to be complacent about cyber crime anymore. But, while many of us understand the threat cyber crime poses, not all of us are sure where to start when addressing it. Well, wonder no longer. The best way to protect yourself from cyber crime is with personal cyber insurance, an emerging type of insurance designed specifically for this modern concern....

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By Staebler Insurance on Jan 16, 2019

With the winter months upon us, it’s important we take extra care to protect the most vulnerable members of our families – our pets. While your puppy or kitten may have a natural fur coat to help shield them from the blowing snow, the winter can still be very hard, even life threatening, on your pets if you take don’t the proper precautions. Bring them in As the old saying goes "if you’re cold, they’re cold.” You wouldn’t want to hang outdoors for long periods of time...

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By Staebler Insurance on Jan 8, 2019

The Return of Obra Dinn is an interesting game. The first thing that will strike you about it is the graphics. How it places you on a photo realistic classic merchant ship, but one rendered in a grainy monochrome palette reminiscent of a classic Macintosh computer. The second thing you notice is all the action has already happened. The ship is a crime scene and you’re not there as a swashbuckling pirate or a steely naval officer on a dangerous mission, you’re there to sort out...

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