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By Staebler Insurance on Nov 27, 2019

As a general rule I tend to avoid convenience products: Anything that seems to promise a little too much or claim to be a bit too handy I end up sneering at. I don’t know why I’m like this. Was I tragically disappointed in some product from a childhood and can’t trust marketing promises as an adult? Is it my natural thriftiness that keeps me from trying new products? Or is it just good old pure stubbornness? I’ve done it again and again through life. Got some fancy new...

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By Staebler Insurance on Nov 19, 2019

A lot of advertising in the auto insurance business focuses on rewarding drivers for their excellent driving record. The logic goes if you’ve been a responsible, dependable driver for years and years you deserve a break. That makes sense. Unfortunately, by implication it also suggests that people with less than stellar driving records can expect to pay more. This, hard as it may be to believe, sometimes leads people to be less than totally honest when describing their driving...

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By Staebler Insurance on Nov 12, 2019

We all know the major do’s and don’ts when it comes to fire safety around the home: Do know where your fire extinguisher is, don’t  leave the stove unattended. Do keep space heaters clear from combustibles, don’t store flammable material inside the home, and so on. Seems pretty simple, right? Well, it might surprise you to learn that there are many common fire risks that homeowners are completely oblivious to! These sneaky hazards are so seemingly benign, fly...

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