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By Staebler Insurance on Jan 27, 2022

It’s a trend that continues to be more prevalent every year. Last summer the Staebler blog reported the unfortunate increase in security breaches , ransomware demands, and other data attacks on corporate systems. Now, Cyber Insurance is one of the most asked about coverages to add to commercial insurance policies. With remote work continuing to be the norm for most organizations, they must constantly adapt to the changing cyber security space.  ...

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By Staebler Insurance on Aug 13, 2021

It’s becoming more frequent that we read a media report of a large, well-known organization that’s been the target of a cyber breach. Often sensitive data and client information is compromised and held for ransom by digital attackers. While the public usually only hears about the major breaches of data security, smaller incidents are happening in Canada far more regularly. Insurance companies are now sounding the alarm : Not only is the average ransom demand going up (170%...

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