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Blount Group Insurance

The insurance industry is changing. Consolidation is becoming the norm, reducing your choice and putting large, faceless companies in charge of your security. At Staebler Insurance, we’ve felt the challenges posed by this change, and we’re facing them head-on. As an independent insurance broker, we continue to build on the strong foundation set by the Staebler family one hundred and forty years ago.

One way we do this is by offering one of the largest group programs in our area. Group buying power now allows companies to buy group insurance. Blount Inc. is one of the fine companies that have joined our program, giving a reduced rate of up to 40% off regular rates for employees and retirees of Blount Inc.

We’re well aware that insurance isn’t usually looked at as an exciting thing—more a dreaded fact of life—and that’s why we believe it’s our job to impress you with the best possible service experience at Staebler Insurance.

You’ll have one broker to deal with—yes, just one! That broker will get to know you, understanding your account and ensuring that your Blount group insurance plan, through Canadian company Northbridge Insurance, is everything you hoped insurance could be… and at a great rate!