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Bonding Insurance Cambridge

You spend a lot of time, effort, and energy making sure you hire the right people, and that's wise. "Hire tough and manage easy” is one of the oldest and wisest business maxims to follow. Still, nobody is able to see the future, and as hard and uncomfortable as it is to consider, there is a chance that someday a employee may intentionally harm your business through internal theft and fraud, or unintentionally through a costly mistake in judgment. Bonding insurance in Cambridge is the firewall that will protect your business should that unfortunate scenario ever arise.

Bonding insurance is voluntary, you're not required by any law to have it. However, it is a good idea. It will protect your business when it counts, and raise your credibility and your client's confidence in your ability to protect their interests. It isn't a pleasant idea to consider, but workplace theft and fraud is a very real, and costly, drain on Canadian businesses. While it is good to have faith in your people, it's also wise to make sure you are protected as well.

As brokers, it's our job to find the best protection for you. When you call a Staebler agent, you won't be talking to a machine, or a salesperson who will blindly steer you towards the most profitable package for them. No, at Staebler, we know the secret to success is to put the client's interests above everything else, so we'll talk with you, discuss your business, determine what kind of risks you may or may not face, and find a package that provides the protection you need at the absolute best price possible. It's how we've established ourselves as leaders in the insurance industry for more than 140 years.

We all should hope for the best from people, but it also makes sense to prepare for the worst. Call a Staebler agent today and find out if bonding insurance in Cambridge is right for you.