Bonding Insurance Fergus

It is never a pleasant topic, but it is something every business needs to deal with – employee dishonesty. The truth is employee theft accounts for millions of dollars worth of annual losses for Canadian businesses and you can't just cross your fingers and hope it doesn't happen to your business. Bonding insurance in Fergus helps provide protection in the event you discover an employee has been helping themselves to your business's assets.

Bonding insurance covers a number of different employee related losses. This includes both losses caused by honest mistakes and unfortunate oversights, to active dishonesty and fraud. While theft may be the most immediate threat most businesses think of when considering employee dishonesty, there are other possibilities bonding insurance helps with as well. Things like fraud, where an employee may use their access to privileged information such as account numbers, client personal information, or internal processes to scam your business or clients.

Bonding insurance in Fergus is not mandatory for most businesses, but it is one of the most sensible precautions your business can take. While employee dishonesty is a topic nobody enjoys discussing, it is likely that your business will have to deal with it in some form or another eventually. With bonding insurance, you can face that eventually prepared and equipped for the challenge.