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Bonding Insurance Guelph

One of the tough realities a business needs to face is that it isn't enough to just trust people. Nobody ever wants to think about their co-workers or employees as potential thieves or fraudsters, but the unfortunate truth is that employee theft accounts for millions of dollars of losses for Canadian businesses every year. Bonding insurance in Guelph is your protection against those loses.

With bonding insurance, losses that are the result of an employee mistake, theft, or willful misrepresentation are backed up by the insurance company. When you think about what a dishonest employee can do when they have access to accounts, private information, and resources, it's absolutely staggering. Nobody can do damage like somebody on the inside, which is why you need a safety net against those potential issues. Otherwise, the results could be devastating to your business. 

It's true that bonding insurance is voluntary for many kinds of business. While this isn't something that you are likely to be legally required to have, it is still such a reasonable precaution that it might as well be. Bonding insurance will both protect your business, safeguard your interests, and raise your credibility and your client's confidence that they can trust you to handle their money safely.