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Bonding Insurance Kitchener

We all want to think the best of our employees. We put time, effort, and emotional energy into making each person a part of the team—but there comes a point when you need to place trust in the other person, while also protecting your business. Bonding insurance in Kitchener protects your business against potential losses that may arise from internal theft, fraud, or incompetence.

Not all businesses are required by law to purchase bonding insurance, but some choose to do so in order to increase credibility. When you call and speak to a broker at Staebler Insurance, we can help to determine whether or not bonding insurance is the right step for your business. We’ll listen to your needs in order to understand your business, and then help determine the correct solution.

 It’s terrible to think that someone could damage your business purposefully or by accident, but mistakes do happen, and not everyone is as trustworthy as they initially seem. We at Staebler Insurance have a proven track record of 140 years of brokering in Kitchener, and we believe this is due to our commitment to integrity, communication, and dedication to working for you, the client.

Don’t take the risk—call us today about bonding insurance in Kitchener for your business, and let us be the trusted link between you and the insurance company.