Brick Brewery Group Insurance

Here in Kitchener-Waterloo, there are many sure things: the citizens love a good craft beer; there’s an established sense of community and loyalty in the Tri-Cities area; and the vast majority of the time, the people living here will choose something locally made over a giant, faceless corporation.

And just like beer, insurance is a fact of life. And just like Brick Brewery, Staebler Insurance is a local business that has become a pillar of the community. That’s why we’re proud to offer Brick Brewery group insurance, a group buying program that can save employees and retirees of the brewery up to 40% off regular home & auto insurance rates.

We’re able to do this through Northbridge Insurance, a 100% Canadian owned and operated company—just the way we like it.

With one hundred and forty years of local presence—yes, that means Staebler’s origins coincide with the Formosa brewery!—we believe our dedication to personal service and establishing trust with our clients aligns deeply with the principles of Brick Brewery. Group insurance means saving money, sure… and working with Staebler also means working with shared core values.

That’s an offer that’s worth raising a glass to!