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Business interruption Insurance Cambridge

When disaster strikes a business, dealing with the fallout is as important as dealing with the immediate crisis. When most of us think of something terrible like a fire, we picture putting out the flames, making sure no one is hurt, and getting things under control as soon as possible. Few of us think of the practical implications it may have on operations in the long-term, how weeks of repairs can stretch into months of inactivity and closed doors. Rebuilding is every bit as important as putting out the flames, and business interruption insurance in Cambridge is there to help you do it.

A disaster in the workplace isn't just bad for the owner, it's bad for everyone. Men and women who suddenly find themselves out of work, trying to decide between waiting for their place of employment to re-open or to try and find something else. Contracts and clients that slip away, their need for quick results exceeding their patience and sympathy. A bad disaster can spiral into several smaller man-power, morale, and client disasters if not handled properly.

Business interruption insurance protects you from that dark spiral, by providing coverage that will cover expenses and payroll for key employees, replace lost income, and assist in getting back to business as soon as possible. Disaster may strike, but you can minimize the impact it will have on your business and make sure you can continue to do what you do best. 

Don't let a single accident undo everything you've built. Talk to one of our expert brokers today and see how you can protect your interests with business interruption insurance in Cambridge.