Car Insurance Fergus

Buying a new car? Or maybe you have a new driver in the family? Either way, you're going to want to find the best possible deal on car insurance in Fergus, and Staebler Insurance can help you! We offer expert advice, friendly service, and access to the most competitive rates in car insurance.

If you go to an insurance agent, they can tell you the best deal their company can offer. Depending on the institution, maybe they can negotiate a little, nudge a price down in light of a good driving record or some other mitigating factor. But at the end of the day, they offer what they offer and that's that.

As a brokerage, we offer an entirely different insurance experience. Instead of selecting off the menu from one insurance company, we can approach dozens of separate companies and make the compete for your business. We can compare rates, find deals, and scout out opportunities to make your premiums as low as possible. Our increased bargaining clout and sterling reputation in the industry allows us to advocate for our clients and score deals that would be impossible to get as an individual customer.

We offer strategies and tips for keeping your payments as low as possible, particularly for new drivers under 25. With Staebler, you're our number one priority and we'll do everything in our power to put you in the drivers seat safely and comfortably. Contact one of our expert brokers today and find out how much we can save you.