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Cargo Insurance Waterloo

Over land, over sea... nope, it’s not an advancing army, it’s your cargo! Your business moves cargo across the country or perhaps over international borders, but what would happen if that cargo became lost or damaged? Cargo insurance in Waterloo is designed to prevent your business from floundering in the event of a catastrophe.

Over the more than 140 years that Staebler Insurance has been helping businesses and families with their insurance needs, the world has changed dramatically. The increasing globalization of society with its many resultant benefits also means additional risk when moving goods over long distances.

If your cargo moves by ship, for example, you could be responsible for the replacement of a multi-million dollar vessel if it becomes damaged or loss. Even if you only had a few thousand dollars worth of goods on board! Theft, weather-related damage, or any other manner of incidents can occur during transport—and that’s where our brokers come in.

We know that cargo insurance in Waterloo is critical when it comes to moving goods in today’s fluctuating economy. Our Staebler brokers will speak with you to determine your needs, and then source the right package for your business. Don’t take chances with an uncertain future—call us today to ensure your cargo will be on the right track, no matter what happens.