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Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener, Ontario, is the regional seat within the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario. German Mennonite families from Pennsylvania settled the city on land that belonged to the Six Nations. It became the village of Berlin in 1830, and in 1873, our company founder, J.M. Staebler, established his insurance business in his home office on Queen Street.

During World War I, the town of Berlin came under pressure to change its name and show affiliation with the Commonwealth. It chose the name Kitchener, inspired by Lord Kitchener. Now, Kitchener is a thriving, modern city with civic events and arts festivals. Public transportation, colleges, and universities, as well as numerous parks and recreational facilities, all make Kitchener an attractive community for visitors and residents.

While Kitchener doesn't hide its industrial roots, the city is recognized for its high-value business development in finance, insurance, digital media, and health science. Recent new developments, like the Ion rapid transit light rail and rapidly expanding tech companies, make Kitchener a promising prospect for potential residents. 

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Guelph, Ontario

Guelph, Ontario's cleanliness, high standard of living, and low crime rate make it one of Canada's best places to live. Guelph is known as the "Royal City" due to England's King George IV, whose ancestors came from the House of Hanover's older cousin, the House of "Gwelf." 

The modern City of Guelph has a strong economy, with manufacturing and educational services that stand out as the leading sectors of the local marketplace. Agri-food, biotechnology, and film and television production are also gaining traction in the city. Guelph is a culturally rich area with Victorian-era buildings throughout the Downtown area, many with historic designations.

Guelph is home to many historic neighborhoods and civic sites. The municipal museum and Heffernan Street Footbridge are all popular attractions for residents. Guelph is also home to popular festivals and art centers, live music, and parks.

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Waterloo, Ontario

Locals know Waterloo, Ontario as Kitchener-Waterloo, KW, or the Twin Cities because of the city's proximity to Kitchener. Founded on the Haldimand Proclamation, the Township of Waterloo incorporated in 1816 and owes its name to the Belgian battle site of Napoleon's defeat. Waterloo also had the first post office in the area – 11 years before its neighbor Berlin.

Waterloo boasts higher income and lower unemployment compared to Canadian national averages. The City of Waterloo has a strong knowledge- and service-based economy, two universities, high-tech sectors, and noteworthy insurance options like Staebler. Waterloo also has an exciting, year-round civic events calendar with many cultural festivals and public events.

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Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge, Ontario, located at the conjunction of the Grand and Speed rivers, combined several municipalities and townships when it incorporated. The identities of the larger communities created a rivalry among the city's diverse geographic regions. However, this diversity is now what makes Cambridge so unique.

Manufacturing and industry work, as well as being a popular location for film and TV, contribute to the local economy. Cambridge hosts many cultural events and activities throughout the year, including the oldest operating farmer's market in Canada, which has been in operation since the 1830s. The city is also home to the Cambridge Centre of the Arts, as well as several music festivals, including Rock the Mill and the Mill Race Festival.

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Woodstock, Ontario

Woodstock, Ontario, or "The Friendly City" as it likes to be known, is the county seat of Oxford County on the Thames river. Woodstock is the Dairy Capital of Canada, owing to a dairy history dating back to the 1800s, just after the city's incorporation. It has produced record-breaking amounts of dairy products like cheese and butter, and cows are so well-loved here that they even have a statue at the edge of town.

Woodstock's economy centers on manufacturing and tourism, and Woodstock has an enormous market for the agricultural industry in the surrounding area. The city is the home of Fanshawe College and hosts various cultural and artistic events throughout the year. The summer festivals encourage local tourism, but the core of the local economy is in automotive manufacturing.

The historic downtown features several landmark buildings, including the Old Town Hall, now the Woodstock Museum. Victorian-era architecture in the city's west end is a testament to the city's rich history. Among the various festivals throughout the year, the town hosts the Woodstock Dragon Boat Club at nearby Gordon Pittock Reservoir.

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Fergus, Ontario

The small town of Fergus, Ontario, is the largest community in Centre Wellington Township in Wellington County. It was formed in 1999 and encompasses the Town of Fergus, the Village of Elora, and several neighboring townships. Little Falls, another nearby settlement that later became part of Fergus, was initially named for the waterfalls that flow between the present-day Public Library and the Fergus Market.

Fergus is widely known for hosting the annual Scottish Festival and Highland Games in August. The St. Andrew Street riverfront along the Grand River is also a popular destination located in the heart of the downtown area. Centre Wellington Township is heavily agricultural but also hosts manufacturing, retail, healthcare services, and other businesses, as well as serving as the site for film and TV production.

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Elmira, Ontario

Elmira, Ontario, is the largest town in Woolrich Township, one of the communities comprising the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The area hosts the largest population of Old Order Mennonites in Canada in the region surrounding Elmira and nearby St. Jacobs. The land where Woolrich Township exists initially belonged to the Huron and, subsequently, the Mohawk Nation.

Manufacturing is the primary driver of Elmira's economy, followed by tourism. You'll see Mennonite horse-drawn buggies in and around Elmira, harkening back to the community's 19th-century roots. Elmira boasts historical events, too. The world's largest maple syrup festival has been held in Elmira since 1965 and has been an annual spring staple in the area for decades.

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Paris, Ontario

Paris, Ontario, was founded in 1850, where the Nith and Grand Rivers meet. It was named the "Prettiest Little Town in Canada" by Harrowsmith Magazine in 2017. The town's namesake comes from the local gypsum deposits used for making plaster of Paris – not the French capital.

Paris was settled in 1829 by founder Hiram Capron of Vermont, who built a grist mill and an iron foundry in the town, and was involved in local gypsum mining. Paris is known today as the cobblestone capital of Canada, which began with the construction of St. James Church in 1839.

Paris was a mill and mining town for much of its early history. Today, Paris is a residential community for people working in Toronto, Hamilton, and Woodstock. The Labour Day weekend Fall Fair is a popular end-of-summer area event, and the town is a welcome destination for families. 

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