Commercial general liability Insurance Fergus

If your business found itself on the wrong end of a liability lawsuit, could it recover? Nobody likes to to think about it, but most businesses are one simple slip or trip accident away from dire straights. Thankfully, that situation can be easily avoided. As long as you have Staebler Insurance in your corner with commercial general liability insurance in Fergus, you'll know you have the protection you need to survive a liability lawsuit.

"General liability insurance” is a bit of a mouthful, which is why it's likely that you've head the same kind of policy described as "slip and fall” insurance.  As you would guess from that name, this kind of policy will protect you in the instance of a customer slipping on your property and suing for injury, helping to cover the legal costs of settling the matter in court, making sure your business doesn't go underwater trying to defend itself. 

But slips and trips are only the start. A properly prepared general liability policy can protect your business in many other ways. It can safeguard your hard assets like property and equipment, helping to pay for damages and repairs that are the result of an accident. It can cover staff and personnel in the event of an injury, and many other risk avenues. 

One small accident shouldn't sabotage your success. Call a Staebler agent today and find out how general liability insurance in Fergus can help you.