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Condo Insurance Elmira

Did you know that if your condo has a leaky pipe and that water seeps into your neighbouring condo, you, not the landlord, would be held responsible for the damages? You’re not alone, 61% of all new condo purchasers don’t know this fact. It’s a blindspot that comes back to haunt you if you don’t have condo insurance in Elmira!

Condo life is full of these little catch-22s. You can also be held responsible for fires that cause damage to neighbouring units, and even slip and fall accidents on your property, despite the implied responsibility of the building’s owner. Even improvements on your condo can become a source of frustration because they won’t be covered by the property manager’s insurance in the case of damage or injury.

The fact that most condo owners don’t know these things is proof positive that you need a broker in your corner! A trained and experienced Staebler broker can help point out any blindspots you might have and help you find the best insurance for your dollar!

Don’t assume that your property manager or landlord will assume responsibility for any accidents at your condo! Talk to a Staebler rep about condon insurance in Elmira and find out what your options are!