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Condo Insurance Kitchener

Why should you consider condo insurance in Kitchener? How about this reason: a recent study found that 61% of new condo buyers didn’t realize that when a leaky pipe or a fire in your unit causes damage to another unit, you could be personally responsible for those damages. That’s right, you—not the condo insurance policy!

That’s a little worrying, because at minimum, you will probably be held responsible for the deductible. And what if you’ve made improvements to your unit? Or what if a visitor gets hurt at your place? There’s a lot to consider… which is why our brokers at Staebler Insurance are waiting to walk you through the confusing and tricky sphere of condo insurance.

We’re experts at insurance, and we go to bat for you! We’re working in your corner to help find the best plan for your needs, and we have great relationships with many insurance companies in order to do just that. And why wouldn’t we? We’ve been working and helping others in Kitchener for over 140 years—and we plan to be around doing it for at least 140 more.

Before you buy your condo, give us a call. We’ll help find the right condo insurance in Kitchener for your needs, so you can enjoy your new home with complete confidence.