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Conestoga Meat Packers Group Insurance

At Staebler Insurance, personal relationships come first, and family has been a foundation of our business from the very beginning. Sound familiar? We know that Conestoga Meat Packers has a strong family focus, co-operatively bringing wholesome pork to Canadian families. Quality comes first for you!

That’s why we’re offering our own quality service—from our family to yours—in the form of Conestoga Meat Packers group insurance. With this group plan, offered through Canadian owned and operated insurance company Northbridge Insurance, we can help employees and retirees of the co-operative save up to 40% off regular home and auto insurance rates.

You produce products from family farms, and we’re a family business that continues to grow and develop, implementing forward-thinking and environmentally-friendly workflows and processes. We understand that money saved means better opportunities for your family, so we encourage you to call and speak directly to one of our Group Insurance specialists.

Let Conestoga Meat Packers group insurance be the change that puts a smile on your face—and puts literal change in your pocket—starting today! We’re looking forward to speaking with you.