Contractors equipment Insurance Fergus

For a professional contractor, your tools are your livelihood. Whether you're talking about heavy machinery or specialized tools, the equipment you need to ply your trade represents a significant investment - and potential source of huge headaches. If your gear is damaged or stolen, not only do you need to absorb the cost of replacing it, you also risk losing income and contracts while you can't work. That's why it is so important to protect that investment and your ability to earn by having a contractors equipment insurance policy. In Fergus and across Ontario, Stabler Insurance can help you and your business stay protected.

Contractors equipment insurance is a type of insurance that can be applied to a wide variety of professions and items. If your job involves either traveling to different locations with your own tools and gear, or allowing contractors or employees access to specialized equipment, it more than likely applies. If your gear is valuable, this is a policy you should consider.

One of the best parts about contractors equipment insurance is that it covers equipment while it is in transit. So if there is an accident while your gear is being transferred from one site to another, it is still covered and protected. With contractors equipment insurance, you can act quickly and confidently to replace the lost equipment knowing that your policy will provide you with the funds to do so.

Don't leave yourself vulnerable to a single malfunction or theft robbing your livelihood! Contact a Staebler broker today about contractors equipment insurance in Fergus today!