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cottage Insurance Elmira

It’s been a four-hour drive in the blistering heat. The kids have been fighting, the dog got sick, and that nice ice cream place you were going to stop at burned down last winter. It’s been a hard trip, but it will all be worth it once you are relaxing in comfort. And that’s when you pull in and find out there is a hole in the roof of your cottage and it’s been taking in water for the past three months. Worst summer ever, right? Not if you have cottage insurance from Elmira Staebler!

Staebler insurance has been in the business of protecting families for more than a century. We’ve seen just about every misfortune that can befall a family and one of the one’s that always sneaks up and surprises people is a problem with the cottage. Whether a tree branch has taken out a window, or a mud slide has ruined the deck, you never know what can happen until it does.

That’s why cottage insurance makes so much sense. With the help of a Staebler broker, you can add strong protection for your cottage, either as an extension of your home insurance policy or with a specially crafted independent policy! This way your home away from home has the protection it needs in case of an accident, but you won’t have to worry significantly increasing the premiums you pay each month. 

Keep your summer getaway a source of rest and relaxation, not stress and frustration. Talk to an Elmira Staebler broker about cottage insurance today!