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Cottage Insurance Guelph

Everyone has insurance on their home, right? Same with insurance on the car, the trailer, your recreational vehicles. You insure anything valuable that might come under some kind or risk.

So why do so many people neglect to insure their cottages? Unfortunately, for many people once the cottage is out of sight, it’s out of mind. They don’t think to protect it until there is a problem, and by then it’s too late. Don’t let your summer getaway become a source of stress and expense, cottage insurance in Guelph has never been easier to get or more affordable.

Cottages are great. Getting out of the city and spending some quality time out in the woods or near the beach is a true Canadian tradition. Unfortunately, cottages are also exposed to a lot of risk. Often situated in isolated areas and directly abutting nature, cottages can fall victim to human disasters like vandalism and theft, and natural catastrophes such as tree falls, and windstorms.

Some people say they don’t have cottage insurance because it’s always been a costly hassle. We’re happy to say that cottage insurance has come a long way in the past decade. No longer entangled with your automotive insurance company or only available as part of some kind of package deal, cottage insurance is not provided as a stand alone policy from several supplies. That gives our brokers the ability to find the most competitive and comprehensive policy to fit your needs.

Keep your summer getaway an idyllic escape from the worries of day-to-day life. Don’t wait for a problem to occur before looking into cottage insurance. In Guelph and across Ontario, our brokers are ready to help you today.