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Cottage Insurance Waterloo

An under-insured property in a city or town sounds like a terrible idea, doesn't it? No one would disagree. So why is it that cottage owners often neglect to properly insure their home-away-from-home? Cottage insurance from Waterloo region based Staebler Insurance can ensure that your summer getaway doesn't look like a criminal hideout when you head up to open it for the season!

Sewer backups, felled trees, and broken pipes can wreak havoc on a cottage and cause more headaches than they're worth—that is, when you don't have the proper insurance. Over the past decade, cottage insurance has evolved to the point where an insurer no longer requires carrying your home and auto insurance before taking on your cottage.

This gives you much greater freedom when it's time to insure your seasonal home. And regardless of how insurable you think your cottage is or isn't, Staebler is here to tell you that chances are, we can find a cottage insurance plan in Waterloo that's perfect for your getaway home.

Don't risk a summer of worry. Give us a call today and experience just why Staebler Insurance has been a trusted broker in the KW area for over 140 years. We'll help you find peace of mind and an insurance plan that won't break the bank—so that you can relax and enjoy that cottage, no matter the time of year.