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Crime Insurance Cambridge

Most business owners are diligent and actively seek out the best protection for their interests. They get business owners' insurance, property insurance, fire insurance, they do everything right. But, not everyone considers the unfortunate reality of criminal activity, or they think their other forms of insurance will cover losses incurred by crime. Sadly, they don't. For a business to be fully protected, it needs crime insurance in Cambridge.

Crime takes on many forms. When someone says "losses incurred by criminal activityā€¯ it's easy to picture ski-masks, crowbars, smashed display racks, and thieves running into the night. That's certainly a possibility and one that can do a lot of damage! But, did you also picture an employee sneaking his hand in the till after helping a customer? Did you picture the truck delivery guy helping himself to a few free samples of your merchandise in the backroom while everyone else is unloading the cargo?

Sadly, while flashy and scary crimes like robbery and vandalism are what immediately jump to mind, the possibility of internal criminal activity like theft and fraud is just as damaging. Canadian employees steal somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 billion dollars a year in money, property, and fraud. That's a lot of money!

As a business owner, you need to do your diligence and protect yourself from every vulnerability. Crime insurance in Cambridge can give you the defense you need to make sure crime doesn't undermine your business. Talk to a Staebler broker today to find the right package for your business.