Crime Insurance Fergus

Owning a business is about managing responsibility. Things like documentation, record keeping, and of course, maintaining the proper precautions for unfortunate events. While most business owners are quick to handle property insurance and fire insurance, many neglect the prospect of criminal activity damaging their business. They may install a deadbolt, but they don't take the next most important step – crime insurance in Fergus.

Crime comes in many varieties and shapes. While the easiest criminal activity to picture when it comes to a business might be a terrifying robbery, or sticky fingered customers walking off with some merchandise, sadly, there are many more scenarios to consider. There is always the prospect of internal fraud, of an employee cooking the books or skimming off the till. There is vandalism and loss due to crimes of destruction. Or the intentionality misuse of privileged information. 

These are not crimes that can be prevented by installing a few bars and a sturdy lock. No, to protect your business and what you've built, you need a way to help you recoup and recover from unexpected criminal losses. You need crime insurance in Fergus.