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Crime Insurance Guelph

Businesses have a lot to worry about. On top of the day-to-day fight to stay competitive and profitable, they also have to worry about fires, property damage, loss of income due to shut downs, and so own. Most business owners go out of their way to protect themselves from these potential disasters. However, not every business owner considers the problem of crime. They either don't think it would happen to them, or mistakenly believe that other types of insurance will cover that type of loss. But, for a business to be truly protected, it needs crime insurance in Guelph.

When you talk about crime from an insurance perspective, it's easy to get lost thinking about the most imaginative and fanciful scenarios possible. The image of armed goons raiding the payroll, or thieves backing a trailer truck through a wall and absconding with half the merchandise in a store. While these are possibilities that crime insurance will certainly cover, there are much more mundane, and likely, scenarios to consider as well. 

Employee theft is the single greatest source of loss for many Canadian businesses. Whether its something as simple as a cashier short changing the till, or as complicated as an organized theft and resale ring, most criminal losses happen internally. Federal statistics estimate employee theft accounts for more than 20 billion dollars a year in losses. Crime insurance will cover you in the unfortunate instance that your business is included in that statistic.
Businesses a lot to worry about, but that's why insurance exists, to relieve some of that burden! Talk to a Staebler broker today about crime insurance in Guelph and make sure your business is protected from threats from every angle.