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Crime Insurance Kitchener

All too often, business owners rely on their fire, property, or business owners’ insurance to protect against crime... but did you know that crime-related losses are often not covered under these policies? At Staebler Insurance, we connect business owners with crime insurance in Kitchener. Going without adequate crime protection can result in heavy financial loss in the event of criminal activity at your place of business.

In fact, crime insurance in Kitchener refers to a variety of individual coverage options that relate to the theft of money, securities, or other property from a place of business or from an organization. In speaking to a Staebler broker, you will learn the difference between "outside” losses and "inside” losses, and how that can affect the type of coverage needed for your business. 

It’s never fun or enjoyable to think about the potential for crime at your business, but it is an unfortunate reality of the world we live in. The good news is that Staebler brokers are committed to understanding your business and forging a relationship with you—after all, we want to see you succeed, because the heart of a strong, vibrant community is the success of local business owners. 

Speak to a Staebler broker today about the type of crime insurance in Kitchener that’s right for you. Tell us what matters to you the most, and we’ll help you protect it with the right policy at the right premium.