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Crime Insurance Waterloo

What is crime insurance, and why do you need it? For starters, crime-related losses are not covered under your other policies such as business owners' insurance, property, or fire insurance. Whether you're a large or small organization, Staebler Insurance can connect you with the right kind of crime insurance in Waterloo—because crime can come from both the inside and out.

Losses can take place both from external sources like clients or customers, or from internal culprits such as employees. This includes theft, robbery, fraud, forgery, employee dishonesty, and more. Did you know that Canadian employees steal around 20 billion dollars per year in money, stock, securities, and other property? There are a variety of individual coverage options relating to these different types of theft, and all of these factors play into which kind of coverage is the best choice for your business.

At Staebler Insurance, we know that it's not pleasant to consider crime-related losses at your place of business, but sadly it is a reality of the world we live in. The good news is that our brokers are on your side, working to find the best insurance options for you that will allow your business to continue thriving even in the event of a criminal occurrence.

As a local business ourselves, we're well aware that the heart of a vibrant, strong community is the success of local business owners. Call and speak to a Staebler broker today about crime insurance in Waterloo, so that we can help protect your interests with the right policy at the right premium for your needs and budget.