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Criminal Background Checks

On average, 10.7% of Canadians have a Criminal Record. Many organizations require regular Police Record Screening for employees, prospective employees, drivers, persons handling money, or volunteers. 3Ci can design and administer a screening service that reduces costs and time expended by providing complete and thorough reports within 1 business day for the modest cost of $30 per employee & $20 per volunteer. With no contracts, setup fees or volume commitments, they give you a viable option and the opportunity to ensure your company is not the target of negative selection.

How do you know if you need one? Some legislation makes regular Criminal Background Checks mandatory. Good business practice places value on the additional security and peace of mind provided to employer and client. Consider if your company employees handle personal or sensitive information relating to customer finances, public service or trade secrets, or if you have employees who deliver goods for others, install equipment at client premises or provide care for children, the elderly or the infirm.

For Staebler clients they also provide, at no extra charge, monthly or annual reporting and a renewal reminder service designed to suit each client’s individual needs.