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Cyber crime Insurance Guelph

Data-breaches, wide-scale info dumps, and major invasions of privacy have dominated the headlines for the past few years. Cyber crime is no longer the domain of cheesy movies and video game protagonists, it's a reality we all have to deal with. While your business might not suffer a breach as bad as Sony Entertainment famously did a few years ago, any kind of compromise to your information security could prove devastating. That's why you need cyber crime insurance in Guelph. 

You might not think of your business as one particularly vulnerable to cyber crime, but consider all the possibilities. What would happen if a hacker managed to steal your customer's payment information? Could your business survive being held liable for losing hundreds of credit card numbers? Or what if the computers you rely on to store your records were attacked by a ransomware virus that locked you out of those essential files unless you paid a ransom to a cyber criminal? Even so called "minor” cyber crimes can have a huge impact on your ability to operate.

Staebler Insurance has been around since 1873. We've helped protect businesses against every major crime fad of the last 140 years. From train heists, to bum cheques, to ransomware, we've made it our business to stay current and be aware of every possible threat out there so we can provide you with the best level of protection available.

Cyber crime might seem new and scary, but its really just an extension of the same kind of thing criminals have been doing for centuries. What is important is how your protect yourself against this kind of risk. Talk to a Staebler broker today about cyber crime insurance in Guelph and put a firewall between you and any would-be hackers.