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Cyber Crime Insurance Waterloo

You may remember the days when "cyber crime” was on the front pages of newspapers and headlining news reports. It used to be considered the new, big trend in crime, but you don’t hear much in the mainstream media about it anymore... which is why it can be all too easy to brush it off as something that doesn’t happen that often these days. That would be a mistake, however, because cyber crime is one of the top five economic crimes in Canada. Suddenly, cyber crime insurance in Waterloo sounds a little more enticing, doesn’t it?

The cold truth is that one statistical report even showed that one in ten surveyed businesses stated their companies lost over five million dollars to cyber crime. Would your business survive that kind of attack? It’s difficult enough to make a profit in this economy without worrying about this kind of loss. At Staebler Insurance, we can work with you to determine the right kind of protection for your business.

Since 1873, Staebler Insurance has been helping businesses take critical steps to protect their assets—we’ve seen the world change and have had to change with it. Criminal tactics shift with the times, and these days a cyber attack can come from anywhere, inside the company or outside. We’ll help you to assess the risk in your business, and work with you to find the right insurance solution.

Call and speak to one of our highly educated, friendly brokers today about cyber crime insurance in Waterloo.