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Earthquake Insurance Cambridge

We know, earthquakes are not exactly common in Southern Ontario. With only a few major rumblings over the past decade, you might shrug off the idea of earthquake insurance in Cambridge as overkill. However, climatologists say that Ontario is likely to experience serve earthquakes within the next 50 years. At Staebler, we don't try to scare people into buying insurance they don't need, but we do think its important to present our clients with every option at their disposal so they can make an informed choice.

Earthquake insurance covers damage done to your property directly caused by the shaking of the earth. While your homeowner's policy may cover other forms of damage that can arise during a quake such as a fire or explosion, you may be stuck if an earthquake causes a roof collapse or damages the building to the point where it is unsafe. Is such an event unlikely? Yes and no. While it is true that Ontario isn't exactly Los Angeles  when it comes to seismic activity, the potential danger of even a minor quake is serious. 

At the right price, earthquake insurance in Cambridge may be worth the peace of mind. While the future is uncertain, the one thing you can count on is a Staebler agent providing you with top-notch service, advocating on your behalf to the insurance companies. We use our clout and connections with the insurance companies to guarantee you the absolute lowest prices possible. Speak with one of our brokers today about your options and make sure your future is on solid ground.