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Earthquake Insurance Elmira

We get a lot of wild weather in Southern Ontario. From blizzard conditions in the winter, to heat waves and flash floods in the summer, life is never boring around here. One thing we’ve always been fortunate not to have to deal with is earthquakes, but leading climatologists say that is about to change.

While Ontario isn’t known for its seismic activity right now, that hasn’t always been the case. Evidence of previous quakes around the province abound and apparently, we’re due for a return to those bad old days. While earthquake insurance might not seem like a pressing issue in Elmira right now, it might be worth considering for what is to come.

Earthquake insurance will cover all damages to your property that are the result of a quake. While your homeowner’s policy might extend to related damages such as fires or an explosion that were triggered by a quake, it won’t help in situations where the shaking itself is the thing that has done the damage. If a quake causes your roof to collapse or structurally compromises the building to such an extent that it is unsafe to live in and must be condemned. That’s the kind of scenario where you want that extra protection.

Right now, earthquake insurance in Elmira is a very reasonable and easy to attain addition to your policy. Consider it an investment in the future and talk to a Staebler broker about it today