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Earthquake Insurance Guelph

So maybe earthquake insurance in Guelph isn't your most pressing concern right now. That's understandable, quakes aren't exactly a common occurrence in Southern Ontario! However, at Staebler, we believe in being prepared for anything, and that includes the possibilities that other people might ignore.

While it's certainly true that Southern Ontario isn't a major area of earthquake activity, that doesn't mean it never happens. In fact, some climatologists believe that our recent history of relative calm is actually an aberration geologically speaking, not the norm. That we're due for a period of increased seismic activity and at least one severe quake within the next fifty years or so. 

This should be of interest to homeowners, because the types of damage that are (and are not) covered with your home insurance policy in the event of an earthquake is not always straight forward. Some types of damage are covered, while there are other gaps which could make for a nasty surprise if the worst should ever occur.

Earthquake insurance typically covers damage to your property caused by the earth's shaking. Say, if you're roof collapsed due to violent shaking, or your foundation was damaged due to the earth shifting. This kind of damage may not be covered under a normal home policy, but it is possible to add earthquake insurance to your existing policy as an affordable option that could save you a lot of grief!

Earthquakes might be a rarity in Ontario, but it's always good to be prepared! Talk to a Staebler broker about earthquake insurance in Guelph today, make sure you and your family are ready for whatever Mother Nature might throw your way.