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Employee dishonesty Insurance Cambridge

Employee theft is an ugly topic. Most employers don't like to consider the possibility. They hire well, treat their employees fairly, and can't imagine why someone they trust would feel compelled to steal from them. Sadly, internal theft and fraud is one of the most common and prolific business expenses in Canada. As much as you may find the idea unsavory, it is important to protect your business with employee dishonesty insurance in Cambridge.

A Staebler agent can help you determine exactly what kind of coverage your business needs. Employee dishonesty insurance helps protect against a wide variety of acts, including theft, fraud, misuse of funds, among others. When employee theft strikes, it usually isn't a one-time thing. It is not uncommon to discover than an employee has been skimming fund or misusing resources for some time before being caught, and the potential damages can be staggering.

Employee dishonesty insurance can protect you against severe financial loss and even bankruptcy as a result of internal fraud. It isn't something we like to think about, but it is important that you protect your business from every kind of risk. Call one of our agents today to discuss employee dishonest insurance in Cambridge so you can rest easy.