Employee dishonesty Insurance Fergus

Of all the sad realities of business, one of the worst is the looming specter of employee dishonesty. It might seem like a case of "one bad apple spoils the bunch” but losses due to internal theft and fraud are one of the greatest threats facing Canadian businesses. That's why it makes sense for businesses of all sizes in Fergus to pursue an employee dishonesty insurance policy.

When we think of employee theft, it's easy to fixate on the obvious. Till control and end of day counts are designed to account for people slipping bills out of a cash register, we know that kind of theft happens and already take pains to prevent it. And everyone has heard jokes about merchandise "falling off the back of a truck.” While those kinds of losses are serious, and employee dishonesty insurance covers them, it also protects your business from far worse than a few sticky fingered sales associates.

What could be worse than a thieving employee? Long-term fraud. One of the absolute worst kinds of employee dishonesty out there is long-term fraud. This can happen when a trusted employee, particularly one placed in a position of privilege such as a supervisor or accounts manager uses either their access to funds or information inappropriately. This can range from embezzlement to stock manipulation to corporate espionage. Long-term fraud can be far more disastrous than simple theft and is definitely something you want to protect your business from. 

Should the worst happen, you need to know that you'll have the coverage to quickly recover lost income and deal with any liability that might be laid at your feet. In Fergus, an employee dishonesty insurance policy assembled by one of our business risk experts, is the single best defense against that scenario. Give us a call today to discuss your options.