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Employee dishonesty Insurance Guelph

Employee theft is one of those topics nobody likes to consider. When you hire someone, you're extending a certain level of trust to them, and when you work with them for months or years, it's unpleasant to consider the possibility of theft or fraud from people you know closely. Unfortunately, employee theft and fraud is a very real and common occurrence in the business world and one you need to prepare for with a good employee dishonesty insurance policy. In Guelph, Staebler Insurance is the brokerage to turn to when it comes to protecting your business from the inside.

A Staebler agent can help you figure out exactly what kind of protection your business needs. There are a number of harmful acts that can fall under the category of employee dishonesty that need to be considered. Obviously there is theft to worry about, fraud, misappropriation of funds or resources, and many others. The insidious thing about employee theft is that is often a long-term con, with an employee covertly ripping off the business for some time before being caught. The impact this can have on a business' finances, reputation, and client relationships cannot be underestimated. 

This is never a fun topic to address, and that's why it's good to examine the issue with an experienced professional. Our brokers understand the issues at play in this type of scenario and are able to address the issue with care. We want to work with you to protect the long-term security and prosperity of your business.

Trust in a noble virtue, but the realities of the world mean we still need to protect ourselves. Speak with one of our representatives about employee dishonest insurance in Guelph and make sure your business is secure.