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Employee Dishonesty Insurance Kitchener

You want to assume the best of people—and you may even find yourself repeating the mantra, "my employees are like family!” And would family ever steal from each other? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, which is why employee dishonesty insurance in Kitchener is the best way to protect your business.

At Staebler insurance, we’ll help walk you through the process of obtaining employee dishonesty insurance. This kind of insurance can help protect against severe financial loss, or even bankruptcy due to employee dishonesty. While some instances are one-time thefts, it’s not unusual for an employer in this situation to discover their employee has been siphoning off funds or stealing from the business for a period of time.

It’s not a pleasant situation to think about, but protecting your business now means protecting yourself, your business’s future, and the employment of your honest employees. Staebler brokers are able to handle this type of inquiry with delicate care—we know that adversity comes into every life and business at one time or another, so we want to equip you for that eventuality the best way we know how.

Don’t take chances—call and speak to one of our friendly Staebler brokers today about employee dishonesty insurance in Kitchener. We’re here to answer your questions.