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Environmental impairment liability Insurance Woodstock

The environment is a hot-button issue these days. With the specter of global warming in our minds, shrinking animal populations, and concerns about toxins in our water and food supply, there has never been more attention on the impact businesses have on the environment. That awareness is more and more often translating into legal action against businesses that damage the environment, by design or by accident. Environmental impairment liability insurance in Woodstock is designed to help your business in the unfortunate event of a fine or legal action.

Let's be clear, the vast majority of businesses out there have no intention of directly harming the environment. Most of us are responsible enough to take pollution seriously and adhere to regulations regarding waste and handling toxic substances. Still, accidents can happen even under the best of intentions. 

If a tank holding dangerous chemicals is compromised and leaks, your business may be held accountable for the clean-up efforts and damages. If the tools you use to measure your pollution output are mis-calibrated, that can come back on your business. If a spill occurs while transferring materials, that is still your responsibility. 

These are the times when you need environmental impairment liability insurance in Woodstock. To help uphold your responsibilities when it comes to the environment. To make sure an honest mistake and the effort to correct it does not become prohibitively expensive for your business. A Staebler broken can discuss your options, assess your risk points, and help you craft and affordable, solid policy that will keep your business safe.