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Errors & omissions liability Insurance Guelph

A good general liability policy is just the beginning for any business that hopes to last. While the coverage under general liability is essential, it doesn't cover everything. Lawsuits and legal proceedings, even when they're baseless, can still be devastating on your bottom line and heavily impact your ability to operate. In those situations, error and omissions liability insurance in Guelph is your best friend.

Even if  you run things honestly and with the best of intentions, that doesn't mean you will never be backed into a legal corner. Everyone makes mistakes sometime and if your business makes an error that exposes a client to loss, you could be held legally liable  for the situation. Even if circumstances out of your control mean you're unable to deliver on an agreement, you could easily find yourself on the hook for failure to honour a contract. Errors and omissions insurance protects you in those instances, helping to pay for the ensuing legal battle and any potential damages.

At Staebler, it is our mission to provide the best protection possible for our clients. We advocate on your behalf to your insurance provider, making sure you get the protection you deserve at a fair and reasonable rate. We have more than 140 years of experience helping businesses big and small across Ontario insulate themselves from risk and enjoy years of stability and growth. 

Don't let an honest mistake or an overly litigious client weight down your business with a draining and expensive lawsuit. Speak with a Staebler representative today about errors and omissions insurance in Guelph and protect your ongoing success.