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Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance Waterloo

You probably have a good general liability policy, right? Any business that doesn’t probably won’t last very long! However, what if something occurs that doesn’t fall under the coverage of general liability? In a society where lawsuits are inevitable and not simply a possibility, there’s thankfully a way to protect your business and yourself against claims that may seem baseless—but which still need to be dealt with. Errors & Omissions liability insurance in Waterloo does just that.

At Staebler Insurance, we work for you by being the advocate between you and your insurance provider. We work for the client, putting our over 140 years in the insurance business to use by answering your questions, learning more about you and your business, and determining what type of insurance options are appropriate.

We know that every good business strives daily to deliver the best they can to their clients—and that despite this, sometimes mistakes do get made that result in claims made against that business. It’s simply a reality of our time. But when you have a Staebler broker on your side? Recovery may be a little less painful!

Don’t allow a litigious client or an honest mistake to financially derail your company. Call us today and ask about errors & omissions liability insurance in Waterloo. We look forward to speaking with you.