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Errors & omissions liability Insurance Woodstock

There will always be disagreements in business. While you may think you'll never run afoul of a lawsuit or legal action, the actual odds of a lasting business winding up in court are fairly high. Even when a suit is baseless or frivolous, the resulting legal action can tie up your ability to operate, drain your resources, and negatively effect your business. That's why you need errors and omissions liability insurance in Woodstock, to protect your business when it needs it the most.

99% of businesses operate in good faith. The vast majority of people out there approach business with an honest attitude and good intentions. Even so, legal action can happen. Whether due to an accident or mistake that causes a loss for another, a misunderstanding of responsibilities or expectations, or a changing circumstance that prevents the completion of a contract, legal action is never as far away as we'd like to think. Errors and omissions insurance can help cover the cost of any legal battle and any potential damages.

At Staebler, we've been in the business of protecting businesses for more than 140 years. We know that disagreements and legal scrapes happen from time to time. We also know that they shouldn't mean the end of your business. Don't go into a costly legal battle that will drain your business dry even if you win alone. Get Staebler on your side with a proper errors and omissions liability insurance policy and keep your business on track.