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Extra Expense Insurance Woodstock

Some businesses can't afford to miss a single beat. Whether you run an essential service that needs constant up-time like an emergency response unit, a security firm, or transportation business, or if your business simply has too demanding a production schedule to accommodate delays, the result is the same – you can't stop. When the unexpected strikes and threatens to close your doors, you need to do whatever it takes to stay open, regardless of the cost. Thankfully, extra expense insurance in Woodstock is there to help pick up the tab.

Now you might be thinking "isn't this just business interruption insurance?” and you're not too far off. The two types of insurance are very similar in some ways. But while business interruption insurance helps cover the losses a business might suffer due to an unavoidable downtime, extra expenses insurance covers the costs of pulling out all the stops and keeping the doors open in the face of a disaster.

Emergency costs like generators, temporary office quarters, extra staff, and replacement equipment are the kinds of costs extra expense insurance helps cover. If you're not sure which kind of policy would suit your business best, don't worry, that's why we're here. Staebler Insurance has been in the business of simplifying the insurance world for more than 140 years now. We'll help you break it down, determine what you need, and find the best possible value on a policy that will protect your business when it needs it the most.

Call a Staebler broker today about extra expense insurance in Woodstock. Our doors are always open!