Fergus Certificate of insurance

If you own a business, your liability insurance is designed to protect you in the event of a workplace accident or injury. This is true even when you're under the employ of another party while working as a sub-contractor. If there is an accident while you're working a job, it is your insurance that pays for the damages, not the company your working for. This is why many companies, property managers, and other interested third parties may insist on a Fergus certificate of insurance before agreeing to to business with you.

A certificate of insurance is a formal informational document provided to you, or directly to the requesting third party, by your broker. It details a summary of your insurance coverage in plain terms including details like your policy number, the types of coverage you have, the limits on that coverage, and the dates the policy is in effect. It allows whoever is hiring you, renting you space, entrusting you with valuable equipment, or whatever else to be sure of your insurance status.

It's an important document, and one that works to protect everyone involved. This way in the event of an accident or loss, everyone knows where they stand and that they are protected. If you frequently employ sub-contractors, you may even be required by your own insurance company to provide proof of their certificate of insurance. If you're hiring sub-contractors who are unable to provide proof of their insurance, your own insurance may assess an additional premium to your coverage, or drop your coverage altogether. No matter which side of the coin you're on, certificates of insurance are essential!

To get your up-to-date Fergus certificate of insurance, just call your friendly Staebler broker. We'll be happy to provide you with official proof of your coverage that you can present when asked. If you have any questions about your certificate of insurance, or if you've been provided with a list of requirements from a third party, we'll be happy to go over the details with you and be sure that your business has the coverage it needs to proceed!