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Fiduciary Liability Insurance Paris

If you manage funds, investments, or pension plans for employees or clients, you should know that under Canadian law, you can be held personally accountable for the mismanagement of those funds should anything happen to them. Even with the best of intentions, errors can happen. Staebler Insurance is here to help, with fiduciary liability insurance for your Paris business.

Nobody expects to get tangled up in a complicated legal battle over the management of investment funds or pensions, but the truth is that it can and does happen. Accusations of fraud, accusations of mishandling the money, and failure to properly educate employees/clients and explain their options to them are common scenarios that can lead to costly court battles. Fiduciary liability insurance can help cover the costs of defending yourself in court, as well as any costs should the judgment be found against you.

Don’t leave yourself open to lawsuits which could devastate your business. Call Staebler, and talk with an agent about your options to protect yourself and your Paris business with fiduciary liability insurance, today!